Cocoon9 in the Hamptons
As you may know, we decorated the library at this year’s Hampton Designer Showhouse, and we’ve been going back and forth between Atlanta and the Hamptons lately. On our most recent trip, we stopped by Mecox Gardens and stumbled upon Cocoon9--the latest venture from Christopher Burch (former husband of Tory)--tucked away out back.

Burch launched Cocoon9 to build small, prefabricated houses that emphasize luxury and efficiency. There are three models to choose from, ranging in price from $95,000-$275,000, each with a contemporary, geometric design. The houses take four months to manufacture and can be fully functional within a few days of delivery.

It’s a clever combination of style and efficiency. If you’re in the market for a pool house or a super chic (although small) second home, Cocoon could be a cool solution. And they don’t have to remain strictly residential either; Burch has suggested clustering the houses together to make a hotel or using them as offices.

Check out the slideshow for photos and this article from NYT.
Robert Brown in Cocoon9, The Hamptons
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Perfectly Prefab
The $75,000 Cocoon Lite is small enough to be lifted onto a roof.
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